Fall in the Magic

My husband and I took a last minute trip to Walt Disney World at the end of September to celebrate our 24th anniversary.  Some people that heard we were going to WDW sans kids were shocked, but if they really KNEW us, they wouldn’t be.  Walt Disney World is our happy place… our memory making wonderful escape place.  We’ve spent so many wonderful weeks there over the past 20 years it feels like a second home to us.  Walt Disney World, despite never losing the magic and that excitement, holds a comfortable familiarity for us. I still get that “I’m going to Disney World” butterfly feeling in my stomach, yet not the anxiety I develop when traveling elsewhere.  We actually honeymooned here in 1988… except we were broke-ass BROKE and stayed who knows where…I really have no clue where we spent those nights.  My uncle gave us a week at a beautiful condo on the water in Vero Beach for a wedding gift, and we loved that part of our honeymoon but figured, we are in Florida – we have to visit Disney World! Neither of us had been since the ’70s, when we were kids. So we packed up our Honda CRX and headed to Orlando!

Here are some miscellaneous pics from our most recent getaway.  Fall is such a beautiful time to visit the “world” – decoration wise, weather wise and crowd wise…AND fun wise – Food and Wine Fest at Epcot and the Halloween parties in the Magic Kingdom are amazing.  We had a magical time!  Just a few Magic Kingdom pics – we monorailed over from the Grand Floridian…


Happy travels!!

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