Happy November

It’s November and that means Christmas will be coming to the Grand Floridian in a few weeks!  For months now the Grand Floridian bakers have been secretly assembling gingerbread houses, baking shingles, and decorating assorted cookies and treats in preparation for the fabulous display in the hotel lobby.  The amazing “life size” gingerbread house goes up mid November before Thanksgiving and opens on a Monday morning at 10 am.  I’m guessing November 19 this year but I’ll update when I know for certain.   The gingerbread shop sells a festive assortment of cookies, chocolates, stollen, and other holiday goodies.  The little shop stays open through the season until they’ve sold out of all their treats.  Sometimes  it’s not much past Christmas, but the gingerbread house itself will stay up until the first few days of January. The gingerbread house is really something to see….and smell.  The entire lobby is full of the cinnamony gingery scents of Christmas from mid November to January.  The Christmas trees, wreaths and poinsettias are added right after Thanksgiving. One year when returning to the hotel about 2 am Thanksgiving evening we watched workers planting the poinsettias – working into Friday morning, turning the Grand even grander with it’s beautiful Victorian holiday decorations and details.  The huge lobby Christmas tree also miraculously appears the Friday after  Thanksgiving. The holidays are a beautiful time to stay at the Grand Floridian.  We’ve spent several Thanksgivings and a Christmas there and made wonderful family memories at our happy place.  Even if you are not staying at the Grand, stop by to see the gorgeous decorations.  It will put you in a holiday mood. You’ll be inspired to go home and bake and decorate!  You can even pick up a copy of their gingerbread recipe and see a demonstration of how they put their little gingerbread houses together.


Happy travels!

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