Live from Disney World June 30, 2012

walking to Epcot from the Yacht Club Resort

They are off to Epcot and breakfast with a Princess!

walking to Epcot from the Yacht Club Resort

Norway princess breakfast at Disney World

Rose and Crown pub for lunch


They had lunch at Rose and Crown Pub here is a few pics

more pics from Chan and her family at Epcot

Channing and & family at Disney

Here comes trouble…

boat dock at Disney's Yacht Club Resort

Watch out Disney World trouble has arrived!!   Channing  and her family checked in at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort last night for some Disney fun! She has been sending me some great pics so I am going to be posting them when I can.  I know what you are thinking “you are not staying at the Grand?”  don’t worry the summer isn’t over and ALL the gf gals will be back at the Grand soon enough!

More pics to come soon!